Sunday, September 25, 2005

Running around today!

Today i did nothing except get my books(which were and are very heavy:S)then went to see my friends ...i chnaged my uni id so happy now i can get a library card!...after that i went to kaifan then they told me no lectures after 11am which was cool:P hehe then i went back to khaldya again....long day and alot of aflam happened:P....gege....when i was in kaifan i asked one of the drs to help me about the major thingy...cuz wen i was in shuwaikh today they told me to use the old major sheet ...then when i went o kaifan the dr told me to see if i can use the new major sheet cuz the new dif3a u can take a i ran infront for about 2 people to ask about how and so tired and my friend maskeena she was with em which was nice of her ...hehe:)....anyways was good day and was happy to be with my friends..... felt normal:P...hehe

Friday, September 23, 2005

Week of HELL!!

This week has been a week of hell....first people kept telling me the teahers i signed up with sucks then asking the raeees il qism to help me out but he was uselesss.....(the dean)...seeriously people at KU dont know wain Allah ga6hum....another story happend i went and asked the people for the major sheet and since they changed the rules this year they dont know which major sheet i sh8ud use(wheter the new one or old one)....sooo useless i just wanna settle down...another thing is not alot of friends feels werid...went and saw my old college on sunday felt left out:( well life goes on)

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Got the subject i wanted i woke up super earily and the add and drop was made avaiable! wohooo well now i checked again and its closed the system is super freakyin weird:S...looool:)

ku system

kuwait uni system just simply sux ....noone helps at all...and the people who work in uni r useless..,i asked her when i tranfer put me in englihs major and she didnt now im falling behind...damn it she can do that im so anoyed

Went to uni..

yest the 1st day of uni only 2 of my drs came....lool ku is funny why make us come in the first week when the drs dont come...its insane...anyways one subjects i got the books is it me or r they making us buy books we'll never use:P...anyways today the dr didnt come! im having a disater everyones telling the drs im taking with suck...i dont really care i wanna finish uni what else to do and im dropping this other subjects and chnaging this otehr subject called luv to see how id do in that:)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tommorw is the day!

First day of uni tommorow and not that only ill be in my new exited yet nervious...wish me luck;).....hmm ive got class from 10am till 3pm on sat, mod and wednesday...and on sun and tuesday i have one class at 2pm;)....this sure will be an intresting semester!:)

Monday, September 12, 2005

15 credits finally!

So the pages are open and u can just about sign up for the classes that we cudnt sign up for!..yeayyyy now im not worried as much as i am exited about this new year! hopefully it will be something great!...ready steady...wait where did everyone go:P just wish me luck!:)....

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Goodluck guys!

Today my fellow friends started uni! goodluck for a this new year and mabrook guys for majoring in the majors u wanted:) i wish i cud be with u guys;) see u sooooooooooon luv ya all!:)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Few more days...the stress begins

...OH NO the terror....the days are passing so fast and i dont have time to escape the pain is getting deeper the hours slowley being taken away from its forever gone......:P:P:P...;) just kiddin