Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ARTS department in KU site!

This is what i mean by arts....not drawing and music!:( although i wishhhh!


Getting myself ready...

Im trying to get myself ready for uni i really dont know how to!...hehe I'm the type that likes to have things happen around me!:) but i hate the exams!:) 17th of sept i think is the first day!:).....cant wait

Does anyone know??

I tried again to sign up for an elective still i can't! It says i have to be a freshmen:( what shall i do? add it by force?? im stuck:(

Monday, August 29, 2005

I've been accepted to my new college!

Great news!I have officially been traneferd to the ARTs department in KU! Im sure this will be a very new start and new wonderful year!:S will be different since i transfered from a medical sciences depart....lets see

The main point...

Hey! I want to know ur comments about KU and the problems that you may have had or having! I'm trying to keep you updated

Signed up for subjects!

The signing up for subjects seemed to have been open on the 27th! i tried to sign up for as many subjects but all i cud get was 12 credits! You know whats really annoying!?? I cant even sign up for an elective till the freshmen do first! Does anyone get these problems?..well i have to wait a while! This will be the first semester i take not enough credits! KU system is sucky!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just ended my 1st year of UNI!

It's summer now and im practically trying to relax! But the stress of trying to get myself ready for next year is there! The 28th of May is the day for signing up for subjects so that day must not be forgotten...I just have a few comments about my 1st year it was tough, new experiance and FUN! Believe it or not it was fun, making new friends is a blast!:)The studying was veryyyyy difficult of course the first 2 terms i was basically screaming for HELP! LOL The summer course was very difficult and HOT! Now lets see what next year brings us...ill be in a new major because i have transfered:)....