Sunday, January 14, 2007

2nd one down....1 more left (supposidly)!

Ahhh today traffic was HELL!! advice to anyone who has exams starting from 11-1pm LEAVE ur house VERY i left my house at 10:15 the the streets were PACKEd had to change routes about 4 times.. it was HELL! i got to my uni at 10:45... but my heart was racing the worst feeling to have be4 u enter an exam..thank God i made it.... sooo i dont know how i did! inshallah good.. i have another exam on tuesday.. i feel like f/a-ing the course( fail abscence!).. i have no idea why but im nervous and feel like im not going to do very welll in this exam:( please help me GOD!..:< wish me luck!


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